Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tripp's Words of Wisdom: Six Rules on How to Use Social Media Things and Still Have a Life

1) You’re on twitter, facebook, whatever, you use, pick one of them, where people actually connect to you. Pick a network, make yourself available, connect to people in it.
a) Listening, finding something with an engaging passion. Don’t reply to everything of facebook, every tweet, every blog comment. One place where you are going to look at what they do and get a response from you.
b) Okay, I do that already. Facebook will always get a reply.
c) Or you can solicit e-mails, to avoid fights.
d) You make a way to have a conversation, you pick one. Facebook, comments, it unravels. If they are in your congregation, do it everywhere.
2) Pick one conversation and permeate it.
a. Phil, technically he could blog and dialogue on any of those issues. Something you know everything about. When you know questions, culture. You want them to come to you. (Be an expert). Pick one idea and permeate that conversation. If someone cares at all about that idea, they will come find you.
3) Subscribing to lots of blogs is a good idea – here’s how to do it with efficiency. I subscribe to 300 blogs on my RSS feeder. 5-10, I look at every time that they have something come up? They’re status – awesome, I want to know what they think. Find the 5-10 that are in the conversation you’re in, care about what you say, and regularly engage in those 5-10. Dialogue with them, connect with the people you always read. Know that the other ones are going along and find a connection. Create a place they become investment, they matter because they are attracted to you. Why, and who really thinks you’re interesting. Have that group you’ll always be in conversation with.
4) Consistancy and regularity. Like regularity in the number of posts, the quality and the topics.
a. Regular debate on what that means. My life is interesting, so I’ll just tell you what I feel like. Cool if people who go to your church and your grandma read it. Don’t blog on your new sweater, unless you’re just interested in writing it, and you can make sweater purchasing interesting. I totally disagree with this. Theme, quality and consistency.
5) Get an RSS feed and scan it, read the titles. Good bloggers know that they need to have good titles. Scan, look at the titles, and decide whether you want to click on it. Another trick. Google reads blogs to you. While you’re scanning blogs, it’s reading you a previous one. Tweets of conent, schedule once.
Comment on a blog post, it wins fidelity more than anything else. Retweet think you like the title, posting a comment means that you’ve read it. It’s converting yourself to someone’s post and they will like you.

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Stewart said...

Hey Ruth, let me know if you want to use my RSS filtration software -- it essentially works on the same principles as a spam filter to decide what articles are "interesting" and what ones aren't, and then presents you with a customized feed (It also learns the more you use it, as you can rank articles up or down according to interest). I subscribe to RSS feeds from many, many major news providers, and use it to essentially create a personal newspaper for the morning. It's part of my information overload avoidance strategy.